Anime Club @ UCI

(Cal Animage Epsilon)

General Meetings

Thursday @ 7:10 PM

Humanities Hall 143

Screening Squad

Wednesday @ 6 PM

Humanities Hall 236

(Subject to change, see Discord #meetings-info)


Welcome to the Anime Club of UC Irvine!

We are a student-run club orientated around an interest in Anime and its related mediums. We have members with similar interests in manga, manhwa, visual novels, games, and convention-going. We are also trying to build a larger community of artists, cosplayers, and even voice actors!

Whether you might be a lurking introvert or an active attendee — a member, alumni, or visitor — we welcome all that are friendly with open arms!

We are also known as Cal Animage Epsilon (CAE), which remains as a formal and synonymous club name. Under this title, we are proud to be UCI’s anime club and a member of the Cal Animage Network since 1990.

Time and location for our meetings may vary per week!
For the latest updates and announcements, please join our Discord server! (#meetings-info)

Meetings + Screening Squad

All friendly members, alumni, and visitors are welcome to our meetings!

Our club has two different meetings per week. General Meetings serve as our main weekly meetings for activities, workshops, short screenings, etc. We also have Screening Squad Meetings, which are typically more relaxed, simple, and hands-off: watch anime with others!

Screening Meetings are held by the Anime Club Screening Squad (or CAE Screening Squad), a subdivision of the Club. Join the Screening Squad Discord here.


ZotCon (Website)
ZotCon is the anime-themed convention club at UCI. They’re responsible for holding annual anime-themed conventions at our campus. We strongly support their efforts!

CalAnime Newsletter (Website)
The CalAnime Newsletter is a newsletter founded by a group of high schoolers with a passion to keep Californian anime enthusiasts up to date on anime-related content. We are proud to sponsor CalAnime Newsletter and any other passion projects alike!

osu! UCI (Website)
Anteaters who play osu! What more can you ask for?